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Canada Immigration Programs for Skilled Workers

One of the primary objectives of the Canadian skills migration programs is to welcome the qualified immigrant Skilled Workers capable of contributing positively to the economy to the country. The newcomers are a promising source of innovation in the country and the contributions made by these entrants are beyond compare. The authorities of the country also recognize these factors and they have made all the necessary arrangements to attract overseas migrants and facilitate their entry into the country.

The immigrants from other parts of the world are not only a readily available source of innovation and labor pool consolidation, but they also bring along numerous promises for enhancing the productivity of the Canadian economy. The newcomers enhance the consumer base of the country and also contribute to the revenues of the government by way of paying taxes and levies.

As a trained and qualified professional you can access several options under Canada Immigration programs. You can either consider applying for migration under the federal initiatives or, you can opt for a state sponsorship scheme, i.e. PNPs (if you are intending to live and work in a specific state of the Maple country).

The federal skills immigrant scheme includes 2 classes, i.e.

The federal skills trade scheme - FSTP for the basic trade specialists. This scheme was launched in January 2013 with a program objective of facilitating entry of immigrants specializing in basic trades and occupations.

The Federal immigrant program – the FSW this is by far the most popular program of the Canadian Skilled migration scheme, and this route offers PR visa to the newcomers. In 2013 the authorities of the country launched a grossly reviewed and revised skills migration scheme that caters to overall needs of the different parts of the country with exception to Quebec. If you wish to apply for migration through this program, you must satisfy certain basic requirements, like you are supposed to prove that you
  • Have a minimum exposure of at least 1 year in the profession you are indicating in your request. The profession must be illustrated in the occupational program list for the prevailing year scheme. In 2013 – 2014, the Canadian government had launched this scheme with 24 trade codes, or
  • Have a bonafide full time employment offer in your hands, or 
  • Have completed doctoral studies in a designated Canadian varsity or have completed at least 2 years of doctoral pursual in the Canadian university 
  • Attain a minimum score of 67 marks in the critical profile analysis process. The process gauges following areas 
  • Age: preferably you should be aged between 18 years to 35 years. Although the maximum age is not fixed but people over 44 years are not able to score marks for age
  • Educational qualifications. You must get your academic accomplishments assessed from one of four designated Canadian evaluation bodies.
  • Linguistic skills in either of the official languages of the country
  • Adaptability factors
The Quebec Skills migration class is another important element of Canada Immigration Programs for Skilled Workers, which grants permanent permission to the new entrants. The qualifying immigrants must satisfy the minimum residence stipulation, in which they are supposed to take employment in this province.

Last but not the least, the state centric PNPs of 13 states and territories of the Maple country are regarded as one of the fastest Canadian skills migration schemes for immigrants. The people filing under these schemes must choose to reside and work in designated territory of the nominating states. The government grants PR entry to the applicants. The PNPs also guarantee a priority processing of the visa application and the turnaround time on the migration requests is also quick. 

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